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Frequently Asked Questions About Morocco

For citizens of many countries, you do not need a visa to enter Morocco. You will receive an entry stamp in your passport upon arrival.

With thousands of tourists coming every year, Morocco is considered a safe holiday destination compared to other Arab countries. Moroccan people are much known for their warm hospitality and they make sure you feel home wherever you go to. Once you face a problem, Moroccans do make efforts to provide assistance whenever needed.

The weather in Morocco varies from one place to another. However, itis recommended to visit Morocco in winter (Jan/Feb) when the weather is pleasantly sunny and warm which leads to some stunning photos. During midsummer, it is very hot in the south, though Sahara desert would be wonderful destination for some people to enjoy the hot sun.

We are often asked if it is safe to travel to Sahara desert, the answer is YES! The desert is a recommended destination for everyone traveling to Morocco. For some visitors the Sahara desert is the absolute highlight of their trip.

No vaccination is required when traveling to Morocco. However, for water we recommend drinking mineral water instead of tap water.

Credit cards are accepted at large stores, hotels, and restaurants, whereas cash is required in small shops and Souks.

Exchange your money when you arrive at the airport or use local banks and ATM machines. Be prepared to have enough cash when traveling outside cities, as the ATM machines are rare in rural areas.

About Morocco

Morocco is a heady mix of cultures, religions, ancient traditions, and modern sensibilities. It conjures up images of mint tea and tagine, date plantations and minarets, labyrinthine medinas and pungent spice stalls.
One of the more liberal countries in North Africa, Morocco’s biggest drawing card is Marrakech, a giddying and grandiose city that Winston Churchill described as “simply the nicest place on Earth to spend an afternoon.” This sentiment rings true for many travellers today.
Each city has a distinctive and different character. Tangier, in the north, is the gateway to Africa, and is characterised by its white-washed buildings, sandy beaches and burgeoning cultural scene. Further down the coast lies cosmopolitan Casablanca, the faded coastal town of Essaouira and the lively beach resort of Agadir, favoured by sun-seekers and surfers. Inland Fez captivates travellers with its dusty souks, high-sided streets, and maze of stunning riads (traditional houses built around a central courtyard).
The blend of ancient and colonial architecture that characterises Morocco’s main cities makes them beautiful propositions: Marrakech, Essaouira, Fez, and Tétouan are all on UNESCO’s World Heritage list and are home to an increasing collection of cultural attractions. And when sightseeing begins to pall, visitors can retreat to a traditional hammam, sample the country’s delectable cuisine or barter for bargains in the souks.
Beyond the cities, awesome landscapes await. Carving Morocco in two are the Atlas Mountains, home to the monumental gorges of Todra and Dades, the palmeries of Tinerhir, and the beautiful Berber city of Ouarzazate, where active travellers will find skiing aplenty. Then there’s Merzouga, famous for camel-trekking and birdwatching, and Toubkal, North Africa’s highest mountain.
The epic waves of Western Sahara prove an adventure too far for most travellers. Government forces continue to occupy this disputed territory, even though Moroccan sovereignty is not recognised by the United Nations. The issue remains a sensitive subject.
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